Luminous Spring Skin


Luminous Spring Skin  

Does your home care need a Wellness check? With each change of season it is important to take stock of your skincare regime- for both face and body. Skin changes daily, seasonally and throughout our life time. It is crazy to expect the same products are going to right for our skin all of the time. Spring brings with it the promise of warmer days, balmy afternoons and the tantalising first taste of dreamy summer garden days to come. Get your skin spring ready with EnhanSe, and read on for the tips on shedding winter skin and embracing all that the warmer months have to offer!

Spring Skincare Wellness Check

Step One

Make sure your moisturiser and serum are appropriate for the warmer months. This means light weight performance crèmes, and a serum which offers the results your skin needs. (Remember your skin has different needs dependent on the season).*

Step Two

Ensure you are incorporating an effective performance based exfoliant into your home care. Why bother to exfoliate? Without proper care skin cell turnover will be slow, and the result is dull, lacklustre skin. The answer is effective exfoliation. We cannot sing exfoliation’s praises high enough! With dead skin buffed and exfoliated off, this leaves new skin ready to drink up all the goodness which your moisturiser and serum provides. Do not miss this crucial step in your home care!

Step Three

Face Masques… Make sure your weekly face masque offers your spring skin true wellness results. Waterlily’s Mineral Masque’s are skin therapy to perfect condition, renourish and noticeably renew.

Our star product for skin this spring! 

Ideal for sensitivity, our pick for spring skin is Waterlily’s Refining Hibiscus Serum. This light weight serum will effectively refine, revitalise and improve skin tone. A performance skincare formulation active with gentle milk and fruit acids, hibiscus flower, mulberry, lemon rind, vine leaf, cucumber, morus alba bark and so much more. Beautifully aromatic while effectively redefining the skins tone and texture, minimising the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and age spots to enhance the dullest complexion. A must-have addition to every home care ritual this spring for luminous skin. (PS… best popped underneath your favourite Waterlily moisturiser at night).

Brightened and revitalised skin, from head to toe….

Do you want to feel the results of your professional Spa treatment long after your Spa therapist has anointed the last tantalising drop of hydration (who doesn’t!?!) then home care is at hand! Brighten skin and boost hydration with the delicious trio of Waterlily’s Fruit Tonic Home Spa Collection.

Your first step to luminous skin this spring is lathering the body daily with the Fruit Tonic Body Wash. This sulphate free gentle body cleanser with exotic fruit extracts, moisture locking vitamins and sublime blend of pure essential oils provides aromatic cleansing while deeply hydrating and replenishing the skin. After your skin has been aromatically cleansed, inject a double dose of skin brightening with the Fruit Tonic Crème Body Polish (can be used once a week for healthy, exfoliated spring skin). This mineral rich clay and polished walnut whipped into an exotic fruit crème polishes and buffs the skin silky smooth. The result? Brightened and revitalised skin tone and texture.

To finish, massage the Fruit Hydration Treatment into your skin from top to toe. This hydration treatment is layered with professional dilutions of essential oils, and fruit concentrates including guava, raspberry and peach to keep skin bright, exfoliated, smooth and revitalised. Use this moisturiser daily for extreme hydration between in-Spa Rituals.

Simple steps to luminous spring skin!

Wishing you a wonderful Spa journey…

*Remember: you do not have to be young to have beautiful skin, but you do have to be mindful of your home care ritual. Make sure your moisturiser and serum are appropriate for the warmer months, and you are using an effective performance based exfoliant and face masque. If you are unsure which home care is right for you, please contact EnhanSe for professional prescriptive advice.