About Waterlily

Waterlily Founder & Managing Director Michelle Reeve


Waterlily launched in Australia in 2004. Born from Michelle’s deep, personal desire to experience an authentic Spa brand which reflected the fundamental values of pure, results driven and botanically active. Waterlily has since grown into Australia’s leading Spa brand with over 150 professionally exclusive skin and Spa products and treatment rituals. Meticulous formulations, artisan blending techniques and the finest of nutrient rich ingredients have synergised to create an effective and aromatic solution for Spa Wellness.

Passionate about natural medicine and nutrition and unsatisfied with the synthetic corporate and department store brands Michelle saw a distinct opportunity to create active and ethical Spa rituals. With this passion coupled with her knowledge as a qualified Aromatherapist Michelle created a Collection which embraced all aspects of Spa Wellness. Her criteria was stringent and unforgiving, using only the highest quality phytonutrients fortified with anti-ageing vitamins, and the purest aromaceutical essential oils, meticulously formulated to create a range that would satisfy her own exacting standards. To this day, these are the scrupulous formulae which have been embedded in the Waterlily treatment protocols including Skincare, Body Care and Spa Rituals.

In 2013, Waterlily is proud to continue to flourish as the premium Spa solution for over 170 Destination Day Spas and leading Salons around Australia. Waterlily is Australian at heart, and global in inspiration. Michelle draws her inspiration for new product formulations from an abundance of sources. A selection of these includes France, India, Morocco, and South Pacific to the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Waterlily creates products and treatment rituals that deliver the ultimate sensory Spa journey…

Michelle continues to work closely with industry professionals and Spa owners to offer the premium, results driven treatments Waterlily is now internationally renowned for. She currently spends her time between her two homes in Brisbane, Australia and Rome, Italy.

Waterlily Philosophy
Aromatherapy is the foundation of the entire Waterlily Collection. Using only the highest quality phytonutrients fortified with anti-aging vitamins, and the purest aromaceutical essential oils the Waterlily Skin Body Spa Collection has been created to visibly rejuvenate the skin while delivering the ultimate Spa Ritual.
Essential oils have an intense effect on cell regeneration and anti-aging through their ability to deeply penetrate the skin and effect new skin cells. Essential oils have many powerful therapeutic actions upon the skin including: immune boosting, cell regenerating, anti-ageing, stimulating, healing, hydrating, detoxifying, toning, firming, collagen stimulating, brightening, exfoliating, anti-bacterial, soothing and oil balancing. Additionally, proven studies demonstrate essential oils have the benefit of profoundly influencing the body’s physiology through the olfaction system, or simply put, through the body’s sense of smell.
The holistic benefits experienced with an authentic, Waterlily Spa Ritual becomes a complete wellness experience… both inside and out! Aroma creates a wonderful sensory journey, and provides the tranquil environment which is imperative to receiving the full benefits of Spa Wellness. Simply through inhaling essential oils it is possible to visibly measure positive changes in the levels of the body’s stress hormones, immune system and general wellness indicators.
An extension of the authentic vision towards Spa health is the emphasis placed on sustainable and responsible business and social practices. The Waterlily Collection is both formulated and manufactured in-house, using production techniques that maximise the nutrient rich content of each individual product. These unique hand-crafted methods reflect the passion and time-honoured traditions that nurture each formulation from ingredient to exquisite Spa ritual.
Waterlily is committed to the future of our environment and community. The focus on social and corporate responsibility is unwavering and commitment to the environment and the global community is embedded within the Waterlily culture. The personalised approach to business, the passion for wellness, scrupulous attention to formulating, and love of Aromatherapy – are just a snapshot of the core values the Waterlily team prides itself on delivering with unwavering commitment.