Sin- Care  – About Us
When it comes to the subject of ageing, changes are in the air. And, where Sin-Care leads, other will follow. At Sin-Care it’s ShowTime!

This all-Australian brand has brought a fresh and futuristic vision to the skincare industry and a first for the world of beauty: Lifestyle Ageing.

At the anti-ageing forefront and, redefining how we view it, Sin-Care is a pioneering company that has re-invented the skincare wheel with its innovative system of high performance facial care to address Lifestyle Ageing.

The brand merges science with smart, powerful and key actives to improve the health of the skin and deliver noticeable, effective and lasting results.

Sin-care has captured ageing factors and challenges in a nutshell to repair damage and revitalise to restore the condition of the skin. Sun goddesses, the stressed, those who have smoked or burn the candle at both ends require exacting and more specialised care, from time to time, and Sin-Care offers the solution.

Our History
Sin-Care was created by Kimberley Pearson in 2010. Clearly aware of a gap in the skincare market, she unlocked the key to a yet untouched aspect in the fight against ageing. She has set herself apart with her never before seen concept: Skincare dedicated to Lifestyle Ageing and its challenges.

The Sin-Care statement is summed up easily by Kimberley “Years alone don’t always determine how we age, that is only half the story.”

The Sin-Care idea was born during her five year research in developing the brand. It was then that she became aware of the Twin Study. The purpose of the study was to identify and illustrate the difference in facial ageing due to Lifestyle factors amongst identical twins.
The study was conducted during the Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, where 186 pairs of identical twins completed a comprehensive questionnaire. Pre digital images were taken and a panel independently viewed the images and recorded the differences in the twins’ ages and facial features. When one twin smoked, spent too much time in the sun or slept poorly for example, research showed that there was a visible difference by as much as 11 years between the appearance of the skin.

Following the study, Kimberley consulted three different chemists and researched specific ingredients before further developing the concept and finally launching the brand.
“While science confirms that damage from the sun can prematurely age the skin, so too can alcohol, pollution and a high diet in sugar. Ageing is not solely about numbers or years.” adds Kimberley.

Sin-Care Booster Serums
Launch Date:
Based on five years of research, launched in September, 2010.
• Developed in Australia
• Formulated with world best cosmeceuticals sourced from around the world
• Launched in Paris at the world’s leading Cosmetic Show
Retailed from NYC to outback Australia.
Saint vs. Sinner
Twin studies show that lifestyle damage significantly affects our skin.

“Age alone, does not determine how old our skin looks.”
Sin-Care Founder, Kimberley Pearson

Sin-Care is a product line formulated for how we live, not how old we are. The results from twin studies, focusing on skin quality and appearance, show that there is up to 11 years difference in appearance between twins with different lifestyle factors.

Skin care ‘Sinners’ who have experienced sun exposure, stress, have smoked or drink socially, look significantly more aged than their skin care ‘Saint’ twin.
What is Sin-Care ?
• Is a targeted line of nine concentrated serums formulated to treat Lifestyle Aging®.
• Sin-Care can be incorporated into any skin care routine – simply apply prior to moisturizing.
• A Booster Serum targeted at skin damage caused by lifestyle.
The Sin-Care Difference…
Most skin care lines focus on age
(20, 30,40,50, 60 or 70 years of age)
skin concern
(acne, rosacea, dry skin, pigmentation)

Sin-Care targets the aging factor causing skin damage:

Sun Damage
Social Drinking
Poor Diet/Sugar
Busy Lifestyle