Sincare Review by Joanna
Sun Goddess, when we’ve overdone it and skin is showing it!

For those who haven’t been listening to the broken record SPF alert – sunny or cloudy, summer or winter – forget praying for improved skin. The Number 1 Commandment to repair and address sun damage is Sin-Care’s Sun Goddess.

The Sin-care serum’s key wonder ingredient, Phytosphinogosine, a naturally occurring lipid, has many strings to its bow. Improving and protecting the skin’s barrier and an anti-microbial, it also provides an anti- inflammatory action on uv-induced damage. In addition to guarding against collagen degradation, it also boosts collagen production in photo-aged skin and stimulates fibrillian, which is significantly reduced through photo-aging.

Comforting and smoothing the complexion and reducing deeper wrinkles, it contains a cocktail of Vitamins A, C, E and base ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid for its immediate moisture benefits, to keep the skin supple and plump out crinkles and, a five herb blend of Liquorice to fight age spots, Horsetail to stimulate and strengthen, anti-oxidants Ginkgo Biloba and Olive Leaf Extracts and Ginseng for its skin protecting, vitality boosting and stimulating properties.

Use Sun Goddess morning and night, before moisturizing. It’s compatible with existing skincare products. And, for more than one skin sin (we won’t tell, we promise!) Sin-Care serums can be effortlessly layered.

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I am thoroughly thrilled and over the moon happy with the Urban Renewal Booster Serum, but I think I am even more excited about the results I am seeing with the Sun Goddess Booster Serum. The texture of the Sun Goddess and the scent of the Sun Goddess are almost the same as with Urban Renewal, but my skin seems to be responding even more with Sun Goddess. YAY!

Before I apply Sun Goddess my skin appears uneven, slightly red and very dry. Within moments of applying Sun Goddess my skin transforms almost immediately into a more matte, even skin tone, free of redness and definitely more hydrated. I apply 2 pumps worth of product to my skin to achieve these results. I then wait a few minutes and then finish up with applying my daily moisturizer over the serum in the morning, and in the evening I apply my night creme over the serum. I use the serum twice a day.

I cannot express enough how incredibly amazing these serums are. I think the premise of creating serums that address different lifestyles and the “sins” you may commit in your daily life, is genius! I am confident that the exceptional ingredients contained in these serums do work harmoniously together to achieve visibly improved skin. I have been using these booster serums for over 2 months and I cannot imagine not using them ever again. I am that thrilled with the obvious improved skin results I have been seeing in my own skin. And, I am pleased that they work perfectly with my current skin care routine and the products I already have in my skin care regimen.

This concludes my review.
Disclosure: I received the Sun Goddess Booster Serum from Sin-Care for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ. I am not employed nor affiliated with Sin-Care in any manner.
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