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EnhanSe Natural Wellbeing retailing Australian created high quality natural skin, body and beauty products: Waterlily Skin-Body-Spa- Collections,  Sin-Care Lifestyle Booster Facial Skin Serums and Eye Of Horus Cosmetics- Mascara, Pencils  & Liquid Eyeliners.

Natural skin-care, with active and organic ingredients.  Paraben Free makeup with healthy skin ingredients to care for your skin in the Australian  climate.

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Exclusive  offer –  purchase any one of our Lifestyle Sin-Care Facial Serums on sale now! Reward not only your skin – relax in  your FREE  Sin-Care  Signature Luxury Spa Robe with matching Slippers – valued at $69.95.  Offer is limited while stock lasts.

Offering ultimate in quality body, skin and hair products . Featuring the botanical and active results driven body, face and hair product collection: WATERLILY, SKIN, BODY AND SPA . We also offer the latest technologically advanced facial skin care Lifestyle Booster Serum range…. Sin-Care, targeted to treat specific lifestyle factors that cause premature aging. These exceptional products are exclusively retailed by professionals of Wellness Industries such as Spa, Beauty and Massage Salons. We have now included Eye Of Horus Cosmetics -An eye makeup range naturally formulated with plant based ingredients of waxes and oils caring for the most sensitive eyes.

We recommend these products to you as an investment in your wellbeing.

We invite you to relax and enjoy browsing our website. Our on-line shop has a wonderful selection of natural based products, the following is an overview of our ranges:



If you think your lifestyle may be aging your skin, you are correct. Five years of research by an Australian company has verified that which led them to develop a technologically advanced solution,,, Sin-Care Facial Booster Serums – a world first, ‘Serum only’ product line targeted at the specific lifestyle factors that cause premature aging. Sin-Care is customized to your lifestyle factors. Choose one or more booster serums to suit your needs: Stress, Sun Damage, High Sugar Intake, lack of Sleep, Alcohol/Party skin, Pollution, Smoking, Sport, Time Poor. You don’t have to stop using your current skin care products, Sin-Care is specifically designed to be added to your regular skin regime for optimum results.  Layer under your favourite moisturiser.



Our Proudly Australian created and produced Waterlily Range of Skin, Body and Spa Products offers solutions to your skin care needs. Professional and home care products- active, pure, botanical- rich in active ingredients to deliver visible results. Un-compromised aromatherapy with high dilutions of divine essential oils, cold pressed plant oils, anti-aging vitamins, healing herbs, reconditioning marine extracts and collagen. Deeply nourishing, hydrating and moisturizing, ideal for all skin types. Brightens and revitalises ageing skin, Increases cellular repair, balances oily, combination and congested skin. Combats fine lines and wrinkles. Replenishes sun damaged skin. Promotes beautiful luminous youthful skin. Boosts health and wellness – An aromatic sensory journey- calms the mind, enlivens the spirit, – Create a daily ritual for your private sanctuary.

Have a look at Waterlily’s latest Spa Products  to create a “Spa” sojourn in your home…Moroccan Melt and Spiced Chai exquisite products, add a Waterlily Aromatherapy candle for perfecting your environment- find them under our ‘Waterlily Specialty’ menu…


Another wonderful Australian creation! Naturally formulated in the style of the ancient Egyptians with plant based ingredients and waxes. With Moringa Oil -vitamins A,B,C,& E, fatty acids, and 1700 Antioxidants, Beeswax, Rice Bran and Candilla Wax. Ideal for sensitive eyes, non-irritating this perfect mascara, strengthens and lengthens lashes, including extensions. Flexible brush naturally curls for thick black lashes. Black Goddess Mascara won’t run, smudge, or clump! once dried will last all day. Easily removed with warm water and face cloth. Goddess Eyeliner pencils glide on without dragging and stays on, has a smudge tip to define and smoulder, in a range of exotic colours. The Liquid Eyeliner has a felt tip -‘texta’ like applicator, clever reversible tip ensures a fine point for life of product. Glides on without creasing, sharp, defined line, drys in seconds – waterproof.  All Eye of Horus Cosmetic products are Paraben Free, contain Natural ingredients, Not tested on animals.



Here you will find products to compliment your skin care regime.  In keeping with our  Australian Made and Owned focus we support boutique businesses making quality personal care items, that gently cleanse, soothe and protect your skin without the need for unnecessary harsh and often irritating chemicals. You won’t find –  synthetic fragrance, sulphates and preservatives. What you will find is  lip balm, deodorant and multi-use soap containing natural ingredients such as goats milk, extra virgin olive & coconut oils, shea butter, macadamia, avocado, cacao, manuka honey, and essential oils- to name  some of nature’s bounty found in these quality  handcrafted products. Try them on your skin, to see and feel the benefits of these special products.



Within our website you will find many easy to read articles to enlighten you and assist you to select products that are most suited to your needs. You will find information on product history and development, usage and tips, ingredients and their benefits to you.

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